Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two Orthodox churches in Prizren robbed

PRIZREN -- Unknown persons have removed 80 kilograms of lead plates from two Orthodox churches in Prizren, police in Kosovo say. The churches are dedicated to the Holy Virgin of Ljeviš and Holy Sunday, Kosovo Police Service (KPS) stated on Friday.According to the statement, the value of the lead plates is EUR 16,000. Constructors, who specified that 50 kg of lead plates worth EUR 10,000 were stolen from the Holy Virgin of Ljeviš on Thursday while 30 kg were removed from the Holy Sunday Church, reported the theft. The state television, RTS, quoted the provincial police as saying that an investigation is under way. During the March 2004 riots by ethnic Albanians, nearly all Orthodox churches in Prizren were burnt, while their reconstruction is still ongoing.

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